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Archanis Campaign - Part 6

Part 5

Good day space junkies. The Archanis Campaign has continued into its third month (in campaign) with a renewed sense of action. Some seriously important developments occurred during this time which makes this entry a long one.
The movement portrayed here is an average of the fleet movements not the specific path of any fleet and only shows those movements at the front lines.
As the Federation-Klingon War progressed into it's third month Starfleet's position got more tenuous but also hopeful. House Antaak continued its conquering spree adding the Ceti-Gamma and Xarantine systems to its holdings while making a push towards Ramatis and Korvat. House Korath continued its efforts to be the most annoying group of Klingons with its many dispersed raiding squadrons. However, Starfleet had by now amalgamated enough forces to form a second battle group based out of Starbase 343, joining the first group out of Starbase 157. Feeling confident, these groups pushed out from their home ba…

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