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The Soviet Space Program

Good day everyone and happy summer. I have been absent as of late but for a good reason; the birth of my first child. I am happy to report that Kara was born healthy and screaming three weeks ago and yes the name is a nerd reference. That being said momentous life events should never be an excuse to skimp on the painting output and so I got the brushes moving and finished off an order that came in just days before she was born.

Having window shopped Brigade Models' website for many years I finally succumbed and started a new "custom fleet" project. In particular the Neo-Soviet fleet struck a chord and I began theory-crafting. Not wanting to simply do Soviets ... IN SPACE! I theorized that due to the Great Depression, the United States of America underwent a Communist revolution. The Second World War and the following decades cemented the hegemony of the United Soviet Republic of America and eventually a new global order was established under the banner of the Earth Sovie…

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