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In The Original Klingon

Having previously detailed my 23rd century Starfleet force it follows that my Klingons would need some attention. I do have Klingons already for the 24th century which included models appropriate for this period but I decided to replace them with superior prints myself. As with my other projects, these models are in 1/7000. As designed, my Klingon force includes 47 models. Every model I 3D printed, making the entire project an in house affair (except basing materials). Collecting the .stl files was straight forward but one model I had to modify and one I had to build from scratch. I would also like to highlight that some argument could come up as to my class naming convention for the Klingons. The names of Klingon ships are a mess throughout canon, a mess that I decided to tackle. I decided that names like K'Tinga or Vorcha are the true Klingon class names whereas D7, D10, etc, are Starfleet's designation for the class similar to NATO designations for Soviet equipment. Hegh'

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