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State of the Fleet - Galactic Empire

Good evening everyone. I am in the middle of sorting through a large set of 3D printed Starfleet models I received recently and am setting up an order of Star Wars models. In the process of working out said order I realized that my two fleets have reached 50% or more of their intended composition. In celebration of that achievement I have catalogued the current state of the Imperial fleet. There are many models missing as well as a good portion of the existing models requiring a rebase to my version 3 standard but I still believe this is an impressive sight. 3959th Fleet\Fleet Reserve\12th Battle Squadron at ~50% strength. As part of the Fleet Reserve for the 3959th Fleet, the 12th Battle Squadron is not assigned to a specific sector and spends much of its time hunting Rebel Scum.
The flagship of the 12th Battle Squadron is the HIMS Adamant, a Mk II Imperial Class Star Destroyer.
The HIMS Nemesis and Titan, Mk II Victory Class Star Destroyers, each command one of the squadron's Heavy…

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