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French Blues

Good day everyone, this past weekend my Father, of muchadoaboutnothing, was up for a couple days of gaming and company. We ended up playing three games over the weekend, the first of which I forgot to take pictures during (of course). However, I did remember to pull out the camera for the second and third games. Our first game was a Napoleonic game in the peninsula using Sharpe Practice by Too Fat Lardies. We both enjoy this system immensely as it both rewards historical practices (as TFL games usually do) and creates a noticeable narrative as you play.

For the game we went through the standard procedures of determining which force to use and what reinforcements we would have. I chose the British and my Father chose the French.

For my British force I selected a light infantry force comprised of the following:

Major John Sholto (Lvl III)
     Light Company (8 Figures)
     Light Company (8 Figures)
     Light Company (8 Figures)
     Light Company (8 Figures)
Captain Gregory LeStrade (…

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