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Model Additions - Klingons

Good evening everyone, as promised in my last post I have set up the studio and taken some glory shots of the new Klingon fleet. Astute observers will note that this is not my first Klingon fleet. For many years I had a hodge-podge fleet of so-so models gathered from many sources (much like my old Starfleet and Dominion collections). However, with the advent of 3D printing and high quality available models I embarked on a Stalin like 5 year plan to replace my collections with 3D models where necessary. The key factors in deciding to replace a model are quality and scale; if the quality of the model is less than ideal or it is not 1/7000 (or very close) then I endeavor to replace it with a 3D print. This obviously comes at a price as services such as Shapeways can be expensive yet I decided that I am a grown ass man with a government job and can afford it over time if I am careful and have my wife's approval. The different approach I made with this fleet as opposed to my other 3D p…

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