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New Year's Day Grinder

  Happy New Year everyone and I hope all is well as you progress into 2022. For this New Year's Day I continued my tradition of running a starship 'Grinder' for any and all interested both in person and virtual. A 'Grinder' is an idea I shamelessly stole from Battletech.  The premise is a tournament where players begin in low level units, playing a free-for-all, earning victory points and progressing through higher tiers of units. Player's can even enter the game midway or leave partway if they choose (have new players enter at the average tier on the table), which makes it great for conventions (what are those again?). This premise is mostly rules agnostic and can be used with one fleet, universe, or many so feel free to steal the idea, just make sure to post pictures for the rest of us to see. 2022 Starship Grinder This Grinder will be played over a six hour period or ten turns of gameplay, whichever is reached first. At game's end, the player with the mos

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