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A Mirror Deadly

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone, this past Saturday Adam and I subjected ourselves to another one of our "Good" idea games. Earlier in the week Adam had proposed to me that we do a Magic The Gathering style draft game with our combined Starfleet fleets. Both of us have been slowly collecting our 3D printed fleets and they are both now fairly extensive. With that in mind we made a list of all the classes that we had models painted for. Any ship with a visual identifier would qualify such as a Nebula class with different mission pods. However, if a single model could be used to represent different variants then that counted as a single choice.
It was decided that Adam would choose first and I would choose second. We went back and forth naming Starfleet ship classes. If a person named a class they could include it in their fleet makeup but their opponent could not. We did this until every class had been selected all the way down to the tiny NX Class. With that complete we…

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