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Big Badda Boom

Hello everyone, This past Saturday at the request of my friend Pat I planned out a BSG scenario using Metaverse and invited a lively group of people over to play it with us. What I had intended as a lore accurate and tactically complex game devolved quickly into a cacophony of explosions, laughter, and highly improbable rolling. The brief the players were given was as follows:
As the Cylons launched their campaign of extermination upon the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, the Mercury Class Battlestar Helios was in orbit of Aerilon preparing for some much needed shore leave. As her fellow vessels drifted helplessly unable to defend themselves, the Helios remained in fighting condition due to a bug in her CNP program. Unwilling to just abandon the colony she orbited, the Helios fought the incoming Basestars with tenacity but a lone Battlestar was not sufficient to fend of the machine horde and she was forced to retreat.

Still bearing the scars of that battle, in the first few days, Helios gathe…

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