15 April 2011


As promised I finished my Dominion fleet on wednesday, in time to play a game that night with the club. I say with the club and not in the club as it took 8 of us to play the game it was so big. The fleet is composed of 1 Battleship, 4 Battlecruisers, and 50 Attackships which are mounted magnetically to litko fighter bases allowing them to represent up to 300.

The battle saw the battleship, 4 battlecruisers, and 72 attackships face off against a combined Federation/Klingon fleet composed of 1 Galaxy, 2 Nebulas, 1 Akira, 1 Defiant, 6 Excelsiors, 1 Negh'Var, 4 Vorchas, 2 K'Vorts, and 36 Birds of Prey.

The Dominion Side

The Alliance Side

It didn't take long for the crowd to find other uses for the Battleship

The game began with both sides starring each other down from far beyond weapons range. The Dominion advanced together with their attackships forming a screen far out front. The Federation in typical style held back and advanced slowly. Meanwhile the Klingon flank accelerated to the max. It was on the third turn of movement that the Klingons held true to fashion, left the Federation behind and tactically FTL'd half their fleet, including the Negh'Var into point blank range with the Dominion.

The Jump Complete

The Klingons sit at point blank range

The proceeding weapons fire from the Klingons was most pathetic and not worthy of Kahless (consistent bad rolling) but the Dominion gunners earned their pay and nearly ripped the Negh'Var in two. With the largest Alliance ship damaged, two Dominion Attackships saw their opportunity and attempted a Ram of the Negh'Var.

Here We Go!

Both captains convinced their crews (not hard when they are Jem'Hadar) and initiated their run. The Negh'Var was given a chance to shoot them down and failed miserably as it was engrossed in damage control. The two attackships ripped through the hull of the massive Klingon ship and it broke apart in the silence of space.

The Negh'Var is gone, as would the two K'Vorts soon enough

Attackships race past the Klingons

The fighting on the Dominion left flank would continue for another two turns in which the Klingon fleet was destroyed save for a few birds of prey and all but one battlecruiser and a Cardassian Galor survived amongst the Dominion. Notably two Vorchas were boarded by Jem'Hadar and their crews wiped out leaving prizes of war.

The flank is nearly empty

The remaining Birds of Prey swarm the last battlecruiser on the left flank

It became apparent that this was a wash and the real battle was about to begin. Conveniently, once the Klingons had been eliminated, the Federation chose to perform a tactical FTL jump towards the Dominion. Unfortunatley little coordination was achieved and half the fleet jumped behind the Dominion ships and half in front.

The Federation fleet completes their jump

Unfortunately for the Federation the Dominion had seen this coming and the Battleship had begun turning to starboard to counter the jump. This allowed some of her heavy forward guns to engage the nearest enemy ships.

A Nebula takes on a Battleship

In the ensuing fire fight the Akira destroyed a Battlecruiser singlehandedly due to its many torpedo tubes and was then destroyed in turn. One of the Nebulas was destroyed through combined firepower and the Galaxy was boarded by Jem'Hadar and captured. Several Excelsiors were destroyed but the pesky Defiant survived. At the end of the game the Dominion fleet had the battleship (with a noticeable hole in its hull), 2 damaged battlecruisers, 2 Galors, and half their attackships. The Alliance had several birds of prey, 1 Nebula, 1 Defiant, and 3 Excelsiors. The Alliance chose that moment to make a retreat.

The game provided many lessons: Attackships are powerful but easy to destroy, Birds of Prey vs Attackships = wash, the Dominion battleship looks more intimidating then it is and generally just draws fire, and finally never trust Klingons to follow a battle plan.

11 April 2011

Close Ups

I got a request on the miniatures page to get some close ups of some of my ships, specifically the custom fleet. Most of the miniatures paint well but something about the hull color of Federation ships does not agree with the camera. I will attempt to remedy this in the future.

Akira Class

Nebula Class

Galaxy Class

Miranda Class and Saratoga Subtype

Excelsior Class and Enterprise B Subtype

K'Tinga Class

Vorcha Class

K'Vort Class

Negh'Var Class

D13 Class Bird of Prey

Galor Class

Keldon Class

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Pegasus

Cylon Baseship

Custom Fast Scout

Custom Destroyer

Custom Carrier

Custom Super Carrier

Custom Light Cruiser

Custom Gun Cruiser and Missile Cruiser

Custom Heavy Cruiser

I recently received the last pieces to my next fleet, The Dominion. I just finished assembly and will start painting soon (well with exams and all soon is a relative term). This fleet, like all my others is in 1/8000 scale which means the Battleship is one huge monster (and expensive).

The Dominion Horde (1 Battleship, 4 Battlecruisers, 50 Attackships)

The Battleship

Fleets Galore!

Well over the last year I have done quite a lot of work on my starship gaming project. To catalog this I took pictures of all of my fleets.

Federation fleet - Star Trek

Klingon Fleet - Star Trek

Cardassian Fleet - Star Trek

Centauri fleet - Babylon 5

Narn Fleet - Babylon 5

Minbari Fleet - Babylon 5

Drazi Fleet - Babylon 5

Imperial Fleet - Warhammer 40K

Colonials and Cylons - Battlestar Galactica

Custom scratch built fleet

Sitting on my proverbial painting desk (military inspections don't suffer painting desks well) is a large dominion fleet which I will be completing in the next weeks.

10 April 2011

The God Tank

We played a game on friday night of Fire Team in 6mm. The scenario involved a US push on a bridge and town in the Crimea around 2015 against Russian defenders. A US armoured company of M1A2SEPs, with an infantry company in Bradleys supported by a battery of M777, Apache gunships and fixed wing support made the push. Defending the bridge and town was a company of Russian infantry in BMP-3s. This company was already deployed in defensive positions. As the game began two Russian armoured companies, one of T-80Us, one of T-90Ms, arrived and moved through the town to assist.

The table from the American end.

The Americans begin their advance down the road

The Russian armour arrives

The Russian infantry ready to repel the capit.. err the western invaders

As the first turn began the American column, headed by a recce unit in Humvees and the tanks engaged in a gunnery duel with the lead elements of the Russian armoured column with support from the infantry. During this ongoing firefight the Russian column was badly mauled and the American column appeared to be on the verge of breaking until the appearance of "The God Tank." This namesake was unanimously given to this single M1A2 which took command of its platoon after the original commander was destroyed. Nearly single handed this deity among AFVs held the center position and aided in the eventual complete destruction of the T-80 company. The God Tank was hit several times during this exchange but remained in action. The crew even decided to make a "tactical withdrawal", i.e. route, for a time. However at the end of the game the God Tank remained and claimed a number of kills to its name across the Russian formation.

The Russian end of the firefight

The T-90s move to reinforce their brethren

The American end of the firefight

The Russian casualties mount

The God Tank stands alone looking down the road

The T-90s take up an overwatch position, one which required the intervention of Apache gunships to dislodge

The end of the God Tanks firefight; three T-80s survived and retreated behind the hill to the right.

The American armoured column (minus the God Tank) advance through multiple artillery barrages and the wreckage of friendly vehicles

The sole defenders of the center, a platoon of infantry in BMP-3s, advance to take new positions

After the Apache gunships dislodged the T-90s from their overwatch position, the American M1A2s were able to establish positions on hills opposite this hill; the remnants of the T-80 company and a series of BMP-3s drove to the crest and were met by accurate gunnery from the Americans which destroyed every vehicle much to the chagrin of the Airforce which were inbound with several AT strikes.

The American positions from which hell was unleashed

The T-90s use the cover of tall crops to advance on the American left flank

Two platoons of American infantry advance on the right flank along with the God Tank visible in the field

Abandoning their left flank, the Russians establish defenses on their right flank to hold the bridge

Infantry advances on the American left flank ready to assault the Russian positions

During all of this intensity another battle was being raged on the American right flank against a platoon of Russian infantry defending a wood line. The Americans attempted for some time to bring some mortars down onto their position. Until this platoon was dislodged no advance could be made on the right flank to exploit the loss of the T-80 company. However the mortars finally co-operated and struck home. With the confusion this created an American platoon used their 25mm guns on their Bradleys to drive the Russians out of the wood line. This turned into a hollow victory when flanking fire from the T-90s destroyed or routed most of the exploiting platoon shortly after.

The game was called at this point due to time but it was agreed that the Americans would have taken the bridge, though a costly endeavour it would have been, while the Russians would have held the town. This would seem to indicate a tie except for the presence of the God Tank which would have surely raised the spirits of the soldiers and brought them to victory, or so claimed the American commanders.