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Threading the Needle

Good day everyone, this past Friday evening I played a distance game of Battle Captains with my brother. The intention was to test the final adjustments for Second Edition, but being siblings it turned out to be much more serious and mentally intensive than planned. The setting was late summer '44 on the eastern front. Seeing as my brother is an artillery officer in the Canadian Army, he naturally chose Soviets. Specifically he chose to play with a Motorized Engineer Company from a Mechanized Corps. I randomly chose what I would be playing as from my available forces and received a Fallschirmjager Company from a Fallschirmjager Division. The table was set up and we began the Pre-Battle Phase. Text in italics is informational and intended to provide a glimpse into the underlying mechanics. The table was dominated by a sloping ridge line to the bottom of the frame (the Soviet base line) with a river and a ford through the middle and compact farm fields at the top of the frame (the Ge

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