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The Strength of Ice

Hello everyone and welcome as I delve back into the 22nd Century. In previous posts I detailed my new United Earth , Vulcan , and Romulan fleets. The next models to receive paint were those from the frozen moons of the Andoria system. Just as with the previous three fleets, I first looked to see what if any .stl files were available. Quick searching on Thingiverse located me an excellent file for the Kumari Class but little else. Any more models would have to be ordered from Shapeways . I knew that the Andorian fleet was composed of more than just battlecruisers as I remembered seeing at least one other type. Research on Memory Beta directed me to the Sevaijen Class, seen during Enterprise's run. It also led me to additional classes which I would need to find suitable models for as they are from the licensed novel series about the Romulan War and therefore no visuals exist. 3rd Imperial Fleet, Andorian Imperial Guard circa 2160 as designed in Metaverse Second Edition. My Andorian

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