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Model Additions - Star Wars

Good morning everyone; we have finally escaped 2020 together, at least according to the calendar. Along with a new year I have also completed a new batch of models; all Star Wars this time. First on my list for the year were Nebulon-B2 Frigates for both my Imperials and Rebels, a class I have long desired but been unable to acquire. Second on my list, having received a long awaited order from Warbases, were fighters. Picking through my box of Star Wars fighters, I selected a set of models and got to work. This model was custom 3D printed. Filling out the frigate weight class for my Imperial fleet are four Nebulon-B2 Frigates. This is an upgraded form of the classic Nebulon-B featuring heavier armour and firepower. This model was custom 3D printed. As with any class of starship the Imperials use, the Rebels end up with a few themselves; theft, defection, or black market purchases ensure nothing stays solely Imperial for long. For my Rebel fleet, two Nebulon-B2s should be sufficient. Thi

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