Council Fires

As I announced, I attended a local convention this weekend entitled Council Fire. I ran two games at the convention. The first was a Metaverse Dominion War era game titled "Sisko's Heroes". This game saw a combined Federation/Klingon task force attempting to seize a damaged Dominion battleship from the Dominion/Cardassians. The battle ended with a Federation/Klingon retreat after heavy losses.

The game at the start.

The fleets begin to engage.

The second game I ran was a WWII scenario titled "Hedgerows and Panzerfausts". This game especially enamored the crowd and drew a large group of spectators. The scenario involved an American armoured combat team clearing the right flank of their parent division of a German kampfgruppe. The scenario was decidedly simple but the players enjoyed the process of ordering and commanding their troops. I learned some lessons and made some revisions to Contest of Colonels thanks to this game.

The battlefield.

The chaos begins.

As a whole the convention was enjoyable. This convention had not been run in 13 years and thus was expecting a small crowd. The attendance was in line with a "new" convention but the atmosphere was charged. A number of good games were presented as well as a number of dealers and a bring and buy. Over all it was an enjoyable experience.

A sampling of games from Council Fires


  1. Hi,

    Me and several of my club members are planning on starting a Full Thrust/Extreme Thrust campaign very soon.

    While checking your Extreme Thrust site,, under fleets I noticed there are no Romulan ship files.

    Did anyone ever make any Romulan ships using the excel designer? If so, is it possible to provide a link where they can be downloaded?

    Thank you.


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