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Good evening everyone, I know I haven't been posting as much as of late; my wife and I are still adjusting to life with a tiny person in our midst. I hope to have life figured out eventually and get more models painted, battles fought, and posts written.

In the mean time I have finished a few models over the last few weeks and as my ego requires I am posting pretty pictures online.

First up is the USS Lexington, a Nebula Class Heavy Cruiser with a Torpedo Pod loaded. This is a 3D printed model found here. I love painting the models from this Shapeways store, the lines are crisp and the detail is exquisite. Painting a model of this caliber makes me look like a better painter than I really am!

Next up is another Nebula Class with a sensor pod loaded. This pod was only seen once in TNG on the USS Phoenix and presumably includes a hefty sensor pallet. This is also named the USS Lexington because...

I magnetized the pods! This wasn't as hard as you might think as the modeler designed both pods to fit, all that was required by me was some slight filing, two drilled holes, and some very small magnets. The two pods can be found here and here.

Next up is the ANS Diligent, a Neutron Star Class Heavy Cruiser for my Rebel Alliance forces. This is a rather old and clunky cruiser that perfectly fits the ad hoc nature of the Rebel fleet I have collected. This model can be found here.

Alongside the Diligent is the ANS Hope's Light, a Dreadnought Class Heavy Cruiser. This mainstay of the Old Republic fleet can be found all over the galaxy and should be fairly common in the Rebel fleet. This model can be found here.

Filling out a much needed role in my Rebel fleet is the ANS Blasphemer, a MC30 Class Cruiser. She is fast and packs some capital grade proton torpedo launchers. I have only used her once but the Imperial player kept a safe distance. This model can be found here.

I have been wanting this ship ever since I played the PC game Star Wars Rebellion many years ago and saw the picture of this weird ship. Finally I now own the ANS Tyrant's Bane, a CC-9600 Class Frigate. This tough ship should really be called a Light Cruiser as she packs as much firepower as any two other frigates combined. This model can be found here.

I couldn't get a Dreadnought for my Rebels without getting at least one for my Imperials. Added to my fleet are the HIMS Apocalypse and Retribution. With the addition of these two Heavy Cruisers the combat potential has tilted in the Imperial favor, I am simply going to have to get more Rebels. I wonder if that argument will work with my wife. This model can be found here.

Up to this point my Imperial fleet was a little lacking in the Corvette weight class. Having played the X-Wing and TIE Fighter series of games I knew that the Imperial navy made use of the venerable CR-90 Corvette and decided to get eight of them. These tiny ships don't even warrant names in Imperial hands, only numbers. Must be motivating to find out you're assigned to Corvette 1541-C. This model can be found here.

Finally, I am still not sure how I feel about my life choices after purchasing and painting these eight models. A few of my friends and work colleagues have gotten into Games Workshop's Kill Team and I have been persuaded to join in. It should be noted that I worked for GW many many moons ago and in the years since have vowed not to get into any of their games. That being said these Scions are wonderful models and were a pleasure to paint. Seeing as how my painting history in 28mm for the last two decades has been historical I opted to go full sci-fi with these and opted for a molten theme both for the bases and the figures (in my head I was imagining these guys fighting on Mustafar).

That's it for today, on the desk at the moment are a second Victory Class Star Destroyer for my Imperials, and a horde of Miranda Class Destroyers for Starfleet.


  1. Quite a lot of nice ships there! You certainly have "grey hull with tiny windows" nailed down, which makes all the smaller color differences really pop.

    With the Miranda class ships you are inching back to TOS era... although Trek used that ship pretty much everywhere!

    And I appreciate the links, makes it easier to plan some of my own purchases, wait, that is a bad thing.


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