Rebellious Horde

At the request of a few persons I have taken a picture of my entire Rebel fleet and cataloged its contents (who am I kidding, of course I know every model I own!). Once on the table it takes up quite a bit of space and as I found out I am short 9 fighter stands. Litko should expect an order soon.

1xMC80 Mon Calamari Cruiser
1xVenator Class Star Destroyer
1xAcclamator Class Star Destroyer
1xProvidence Class Star Destroyer
3xRecusant Class Star Destroyers
2xMunificent Class Heavy Cruisers
1xAssault Cruiser
1xDreadnought Class Heavy Cruiser
1xNeutron Star Class Bulk Cruiser
3xNebulon B Class Frigates
2xMarauder Class Corvettes
3xArquitens Class Corvettes
3xDP20 Class Corvettes
Starfighters (Each model is a flight)
9xT-65 X-Wings
6xBTL Y-Wings
6xRZ-1 A-Wings
3xSF-01 B-Wings
6xAlpha-3 Nimbus V-Wings
6xZ-95 Headhunters
6xR-41 Starchasers
1xYT-1300 Transport

Pictured: V-Wings, Nebulon B, MC80

Pictured: Nebulon B, A-Wings, MC-80, Z-95s, Marauder, R-41s

Pictured: Cutlass9s, R-41s, X-Wings, DP20, Neutron Star

Pictured: Neutron Star, Acclamator, DP20, Nebulon B, X-Wings

Pictured: Providence, Acclamator, Munificent, R-41s, Y-Wings

Pictured: Munificent, Acclamator, Nebulon B, Recusant, Dreadnought, Venator, Marauder, DP20, YT1300, B-Wings, ARC-170s, X-Wings

Pictured: Dreadnought, Munificent, DP20, X-Wings, A-Wings

Pictured: Munificent, ARC-170s

Pictured: Venator, R-41s, Y-Wings, YT1300

Pictured: Assault Cruiser, Z-95s

Looking at the fleet it occurs to me that it is a little top heavy, I will have to get more models in the cruiser and corvette range. If the mood strikes me I may setup my Imperials and take pictures tomorrow.


  1. very nice, what are they? Armada, X-wing?

  2. They are all 1/10000th scale and a combination between Studio Bergstrom Odyssey Slipways and the old WotC Star Wars Starship Battles


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