Odds and Ends, Dec 2018 - February 2019

Good day everyone, while a great many of the games I host or play get the narrative AAR treatment, there are some that fall through the cracks. Some get forgotten, some get pushed aside for others, and some just don't go quite in a way that lend themselves to the narrative style. I do, however, take photos of these games and those photos mostly just sit in a folder until I decide to delete them. This time I decided that I can still release those pretty shots unto the internet. The following shots cover games that have occurred from December of 2018 through February of 2019.

The picturesque landscape of north west France is about to be disturbed. (6mm WWII)

American armoured infantry cross farm fields in pursuit of the Hun. (6mm WWII)

German Panzergrenadiers enter a French town and prepare to repel the Americans. (6mm WWII)

American howitzers tear up a French road while mortars land a smoke screen. (6mm WWII)

M18 Hellcats and German Recce bump into each other as they round a hill. (6mm WWII)

American armoured infantry suffer the effects of German artillery. (6mm WWII)

A German SdKfz 251/17 lays its 20mm AA gun on approaching Americans. (6mm WWII)

German cats engage American shermans at just a few hundred yards. (6mm WWII)

A German StuG IIIG lays in wait for a target. (6mm WWII)

The Marquis de Fromage deploys the forces of Gourmandie in classical style. (28mm Imaginations)

The men of Nordstrum hold the left flank against the forces of KaiserReich. (28mm Imaginations)

Libagioni troops advance along a river, their libations flowing much the same. (28mm Imaginations)

The Kron Prinz's legions stand ready to do battle. (28mm Imaginations)

Grenadiers of the KaiserReich march on the battlefield much as they do on the parade square. (28mm Imaginations)

Panzergrenadiers bail out of their halftrack after 'finding' a bazooka. (28mm WWII)

American 101st Airborne approach the outskirts of Carentan. (28mm WWII)

Fallschirmjagers pop out to engage the American paratroopers. (28mm WWII)

German infantry hold a farmhouse against any incursions. (28mm WWII)

A sleepy French crossroads is soon to be disturbed by the sounds of combat. (28mm WWII)

Panzergrenadiers advance through French fields. (28mm WWII)

101st Airborne troops look on at Carentan in the distance. (28mm WWII)

Klingon vessels seek out their prey in an asteroid field. (1/7000 Star Trek)

A Dominion battlecruiser finds itself the target of Klingon wrath. (1/7000 Star Trek)

The Breen come to the Dominion's aid. (1/7000 Star Trek)

Dominion attack ships bravely charge a Klingon battlecruiser. (1/7000 Star Trek)

The Breen and the Klingons engage at close range. (1/7000 Star Trek)

Cardassian cruisers chase down Klingon birds of prey. (1/7000 Star Trek)

A Cardassian battleship races into the fight. (1/7000 Star Trek)

Right down the barrel. (1/7000 Star Trek)


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