Model Additions - Star Trek, Star Wars, and WH40k

Good morning everyone; as we all persevere through these interesting times, like many, I have continued my output of models. As always, life interferes with its usual and frustrating frequency but progress has still been made. The models shown here have been completed over the last few months and the keen among you will note that some of the Star Trek models showed up during the Archanis Campaign series. When I had finished those I had not yet completed enough other models to justify a post, but I now have.

For some time my Dominion War era Starfleet force has been missing a key component. The Miranda Class Destroyer is a staple of the period that is needed in vast quantities (and yet I still need more). I have had these models sitting in my pile for nearly a year and just hadn't gotten around to painting them. I'll admit that I didn't know how to get started on them as they are lacking in detail (more a product of the scale than the model quality). However, they are now complete. The USS Mahan, Naken, Kirkland, Prinz Eugen, Torrent, Alabama, Kearsarge, Dayton, New Mexico, Assawari, Vosper, and Oberon join the ranks of Starfleet.

The Miranda Class Destroyer is from Shapeways and can be found here.

Next are the USS Moriarty, Halifax, and Sybil, Miranda Class Destroyers. These Mirandas are of the Antares subclass, a Dominion War era variant the sports a modern SWAC pod in place of the roll bar. Several episodes of DS9 show these ships in the background.

The Antares subclass is from Shapeways and can be found here.

Finally for Starfleet is the aging Constellation Class. The USS Callisto and Vespucci are long past their retirement date but still serving in a secondary role. These ships probably won't see much use in the Dominion War but will be useful as I take my collection back towards the 23rd Century.

The Constellation Class Cruiser is from Shapeways and can be found here.

The addition of these 17 ships significantly increases the size of my Starfleet force, even if the overall combat capability hasn't changed that much. My gallery of Star Trek models can be found here.

For my Star Wars collection I got a hold of a neat scenario piece in the form of an XQ4 Space Platform. Those who played the X-Wing and TIE Fighter video games in the mid nineties will remember this gem. Not very big, the XQ4 adds interesting options to smaller games. My gallery of Star Wars models can be found here.

The XQ4 Space Platform is from Shapeways and can be found here.

A quick job resulted in 8 generic satellites useful for scenarios. These little models can be used as set decoration or perhaps weapon platforms. My gallery of generic and civilian models can be found here.

This Satellite model is from Brigade Models and can be found here.

I have boxes of Battlefleet Gothic miniatures lying about my hobby area that have been in desperate need of attention for quite some time. Lacking any real motivation to tackle the pile they have mostly been left to gather dust. Recently, I chose to pull a few out and get them painted up (more due to feeling guilty towards these inanimate objects than any real need). The 'Bloodhawk', a Retribution Class Battleship, serves as the flagship of my nascent Imperial fleet.

The Retribution Class Battleship is from Games Workshop and is out of print.

Second only to the Bloodhawk, the Mars Class Battlecruiser 'Fist of Russ' is a powerful ship in service to the Emperor. The well rounded capabilities of this heavy ship will serve my fleet well.

The Mars Class Battlecruiser is from Games Workshop and is out of print.

The medium weight range of my Imperial fleet is led by the 'Hammer of Justice, a Dominator Class Cruiser. Only upon posting this picture did I realize that the antenna on the left wing was bent, oops.

The Dominator Class Cruiser is from Games Workshop and is out of print.

Accompanying the 'Hammer of Justice', the Gothic Class Cruiser 'Sword of Orion' carries significant firepower for her size with all around firing arcs.

The Gothic Class Cruiser is from Games Workshop and is out of print.

The frigate range of my Imperial fleet is a little lacking with only two vessels (I will have to get painting). The 'Harrower' and 'Cape Wrath', Firestorm Class Frigates, are the only ships in their weight class.

The Firestorm Class Frigate is from Games Workshop and is out of print.

A full squadron of Cobra Class Destroyers serves my Imperial Fleet. The 'Widowmaker', 'Bloody Fate', and 'Governor Torell' bear their torpedo launchers on any Xeno Scum to face the fleet.

The Cobra Class Destroyer is from Games Workshop and is out of print.

A rare ship in the ranks of the Imperial Navy, the Falchion Class Escort fills a vital role in my force. The 'Rhomphaian', 'Initiate of Monglor', and 'Severed Fortune' hold the line in the name of the Emperor.

The Falchion Class Escort is from Games Workshop and is out of print.

My Imperial fleet is just beginning but brings impressive combat capability to any fight, especially when you take into account the ludicrous dimensions of these vessels. These models represent only a fraction of the total gathering dust in the deep corners of my hobby area, not including Orcs, Chaos, and other forces. My gallery of WH40k models can be found here.

For now that is what I have completed and ready for pictures. Sitting on my shelves are nearly 50 newly painted ships for my Space Soviets that are awaiting decals (can't say they're done until they sport a Soviet star) as well as a Frostgrave warband (I know most of you come here for spaceships but I have needs too).

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  1. Hey, great to see what you have produced. Those Mirandas are useful as you say, but golly that is a lot of them!

    Are you still headed back to the TOS era by way of TMP era, or are you going to leapfrog?

    And those BFG ships turned out well! I sold off my metal battleships, since I figured they could be replaced with future plastic, but looking at yours makes me wish I had not.

    And the falcions are rather rare aren't they? Something about the molds breaking down?

    1. Still planning on getting to TOS but with so many projects it'll probably be like 2030 by the time I get there.

  2. Lovely stuff, I've always liked the Miranda style design since watching and rewatching Wrath of Khan all those years ago. And BFG has a special place in my heart, that's a nice scheme you're using too.

    1. Thanks, I think when it comes to the Imperials that simple is better.

  3. Great to see you back! Can't wait to see where you head next. Recently finished my first six B'rels and I'm very proud of them- thank you for inspiring me to dive in to it!

    You weren't joking when you said the 40k stuff is ludicrously big. I looked up the dimensions for those Cobra Class Destroyers, and they are *exactly* as long as a Dominion Battleship-1.5 km. Would make a crossover game very interesting if they were to scale with your Star Trek collection to say the least.

    1. I am flattered that you consider me an inspiration! Are you apart of the starship gaming facebook group? If you are post some pictures of your B'Rels, I would love to take a look at them.

      I don't generally crossover the 40k ships for that very reason, lol.

    2. I'm not familiar with that facebook group, is that related to the the Battlespace Publishing link in your post?

    3. The starship gaming facebook group is a generic group for all gaming, the battlespace publishing one is for Metaverse specifically.


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