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Good day everyone, just a short post today detailing some additions to my Narn fleet. Fleet is a generous term as up until this point it consisted of just two ships, a G'Quan Class Heavy Cruiser and a Bin'Tak Class Dreadnought. I have ~75 models awaiting paint but they are such a pain in the butt to get done that I haven't been able to get going on them. (seriously what a-hole puts war paint on there warships!) This time I used my tried and tested method of planning a game that required a few models to get painted and voila, I got eleven more done. At the moment I am a little light on standard line cruisers but the next project is to get a few more G'Quans done. All these models are Fleet Action scale from Agents of Gaming.

First up is a T'Loth Class Assault Cruiser which I will more often use as the T'Rann Class Heavy Carrier variant. This model can be found here: link

Next is a G'Karith Class Patrol Cruiser because I can't just only use G'Quans in my cruiser line. This model can be found here: link

Providing some heavy firepower in a small package are two Ka'Toc Class Battle Destroyers. These models can be found here: link

These short range hitters are T'Rakk Class Frigates packing two Heavy Plasma Cannons each. These models can be found here: link

Finally, filling the corvette niche are four Sho'Kos Class Patrol Cutters. The base variant is fine but I think I like the Sho'Kov Class Torpedo Cutter better; that Ion Torpedo lets them punch above their weight. These models can be found here: link

The whole fleet as it now stands. This is enough for games for now but I have many more to get finished. At this rate it should only take me until 2025.


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    1. Thanks, hopefully praise can motivate me to keep going.

  2. That paint job may be a pain in the rear, but it certainly looks great en mass!


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