The Battle of Berengaria

 July 22nd 2157.

The long march of the Romulan fleet continues towards the heart of United Earth space. For much of the last year, Earth has stood alone. The Vulcans have refused to commit combat forces, the Andorians have had difficulty redirecting forces to assist, and the Tellarites have been Tellarites. Now with the Romulan fleet bearing down on Earth, assistance is beginning to arrive. The Berangaria system lies along the likely Romulan advance and the coalition lay in wait

Hello everyone, this past week I had the pleasure of playing my first game with a new collection. While far from complete, it has reached a playable status and I was itching to get the models on the table. Having invited Adam to serve as my opponent I set about getting the table and fleets ready.

Text in italics is instructive rather than narrative and serves only to provide a glimpse at the underlying mechanics at work.

In high orbit of Berangaria VI, a Class J gas giant, United Earth's 1st fleet lies in wait for a hidden enemy. The premier fighting force of Earth hopes to blunt the Romulan advance and has been joined by two of its coalition partners, the Tellarites being late to the action as always (I don't have the models yet). Adam arrived in short order and selected the Coalition of Planets leaving me with the Romulans.

United Earth Starfleet - 1st Fleet + Allies

Fleet Command [Vice Admiral Commanding]
Washington - Yorktown Class Battleship [Block 1]

1st Cruiser Wing [Captain Commanding]
Enterprise - NX Class Explorer [Block 2]

Discovery - NX Class Explorer [Block 2]

Endeavour - NX Class Explorer [Block 2]

Republic - NV Class Heavy Cruiser [Block 2]

Saratoga - NV Class Heavy Cruiser [Block 2]

2nd Cruiser Wing [Captain Commanding]
Challenger - NX Class Explorer [Block 2]

Atlantis - NX Class Explorer [Block 2]

Defiant - NX Class Explorer [Block 2]

Pioneer - NV Class Heavy Cruiser [Block 2]

Intrepid - NV Class Heavy Cruiser [Block 2]

1st Screening Wing [Captain Commanding]
Farragut - NV Class Heavy Cruiser [Block 2]

Armstrong - Daedalus Class Light Cruiser [Block 1]
Gettysburg - Daedalus Class Light Cruiser [Block 1]
Shepard - 
Daedalus Class Light Cruiser [Block 1]

Olympus - Daedalus Class Light Cruiser [Block 1]
Yeager - Daedalus Class Light Cruiser [Block 1]
Kearsarge - 
Daedalus Class Light Cruiser [Block 1]

Louis Riel - Ganges Class Frigate [Block 2]
Janus - Ganges Class Frigate [Block 2]
Sparta - 
Ganges Class Frigate [Block 2]

2nd Screening Wing [Captain Commanding]
Valiant - NV Class Heavy Cruiser [Block 2]

Heinlein - Daedalus Class Light Cruiser [Block 1]
Ptolemy - Daedalus Class Light Cruiser [Block 1]
Benjamin Franklin - 
Daedalus Class Light Cruiser [Block 1]

Phobos - Freedom Class Frigate [Block 1]
Normandy - Freedom Class Frigate [Block 1]
Ajax - 
Freedom Class Frigate [Block 1]

London - Ganges Class Frigate [Block 2]
Perseus - Ganges Class Frigate [Block 2]
Kongo - 
Ganges Class Frigate [Block 2]

Vulcan Wing [Captain Commanding]
DFC Avarak - D'Kyr Class Combat Cruiser
DFC Pekev - Sh'Raan Class Combat Cruiser
DFC Tolaris - Sh'Raan Class Combat Cruiser
DFC N'Keth - Suurok Class Explorer
DFC Menos - Suurok Class Explorer

Andorian Wing [Captain Commanding]
Atlirith - Kumari Class Battlecruiser
    6 Yravas Class Fighters
Vintakthen - Kumari Class Battlecruiser
    6 Yravas Class Fighters
Thelasa-vei - Kumari Class Battlecruiser
    6 Yravas Class Fighters

Navy Tactics
Evasive Pattern Omega
Push The Limits

Imperial Romulan Navy - 2nd Fleet - 1st Avares

Fleet Command [Admiral Commanding]
IRW Adjacian - Amosarr Class Strikebird [Flight 1]
        8xNei'hrr Class Attack Fighters

1st Wing [Vice Admiral Commanding]
IRW S'tema - Amosarr Class Strikebird [Flight 1]
        8xNei'hrr Class Attack Fighters

IRW Pacestius - Stelai'deletham Class Stormbird [Flight 1]

IRW Kormorex - Stelai'deletham Class Stormbird [Flight 1]

IRW Nexem - Stelai'deletham Class Stormbird [Flight 1]

Mnha'lli Ganelax - 6xT'Liss Class Strikebirds [Flight 1]
    4xNei'hrr Class Attack Fighters

Mnha'lli Belak - 6xT'Liss Class Strikebirds [Flight 1]
    4xNei'hrr Class Attack Fighters

2nd Wing [Vice Admiral Commanding]
IRW Peligius - Amosarr Class Strikebird [Flight 1]
        8xNei'hrr Class Attack Fighters

IRW Harax - Stelai'deletham Class Stormbird [Flight 1]

IRW Septral - Stelai'deletham Class Stormbird [Flight 1]

IRW T'rarian - Stelai'deletham Class Stormbird [Flight 1]

Mnha'lli Esemar - 6xT'Liss Class Strikebirds [Flight 1]
    4xNei'hrr Class Attack Fighters

Mnha'lli D'ridthau - 6xT'Liss Class Strikebirds [Flight 1]
    4xNei'hrr Class Attack Fighters

Fleet Reserve
Mnha'lli Tellus - 6xKlivai Vang'radai Class Firebirds [Flight 2]

Mnha'lli Visis - 6xKlivai Vang'radai Class Firebirds [Flight 2]

Navy Tactics
A Leaf on the Wind
Hunters in the Dark

With the two of us having chosen our sides and familiarized ourselves with the fleets, we set about deploying.

The Romulan fleet exited warp a few light seconds from the Coalition forces, the Admiral's ship along with the fleet reserve deployed in the center. The Klivai Vang'radai Class Firebirds are an old ship not suited to front line combat, but even the Romulans are feeling the losses of the war, and any ship with Plasma Cannons and Fusion Torpedoes can be useful.

The 1st Wing deployed on the right flank in lower orbit of Berengaria VI. The Stormbirds were deployed together on the extreme right with the Strikebirds holding the left.

The 2nd Wing commander deployed their forces in a more traditional wedge formation, Stormbirds holding the center with the Strikebirds covering the flanks. This wing was in high orbit of the Gas Giant poised to perform a flank run on the Coalition lines.

The T'Liss Class have a die holder to indicate the number of ships in the group. Starships in a squadron are assumed to be within a few kilometers of each other and therefore "exist" at the same peg. Multiple models can be used if desired, simply measuring all fire and movement from one model. I chose to model my smaller starships in this manner to save on painting.

Countering the Romulan 2nd Wing, the Coalition deployed their 1st Screening Wing far from the planet. The lighter craft of this wing were ideal for skirmishing with the maneuverable Birds of Prey.

The 2nd Screening Wing did not deploy to the opposite flank as normal, rather they, along with the Andorian squadron, were poised next to the 1st Screening Wing to enter the same swirling melee.

The Coalition flagship was posted center of line with the Vulcan contingent just off its flank. While the Yorktown Class is not particularly intimidating, three massive Vulcan combat cruisers made a strong center.

The Coalition left was covered by both cruiser wings for a total of six NX Class and four NV Class. Individually, these ships are not that powerful but a collection of ten should give even the Romulans pause.

The opening moments saw the two United Earth Cruiser Wings accelerate through lower orbit towards the Romulan lines. The ranges in this period are much shorter than in TOS or TNG so no torpedoes or energy weapons were fired.

The Coalition center moved slowly, unwilling to endanger the flagship or entangle the huge Vulcan ships in a dogfight.

The lighter Coalition forces pushed their engines to the red line to close the distance but none of the Earth ships could keep up with the speed of the Kumari Battlecruisers.

Leading the charge, the Andorians were followed by 20 Earth starships of various classes.

The Romulan 1st Wing kept their formation and remained under cloak, advancing on the accelerating Andorians and Humans. The Wing Commander's ship began to release her onboard Nei'hrr Attack Fighters loaded with fusion torpedoes. Two of the T'Liss Class also released their attack craft but they carried no ordinance for them; they would have to rely on their plasma cannons.

Starfighters can be designed to carry mounted weapons (ordinance in normal parlance). When a starship is added to a fleet, if it has hanger bays, it can be loaded with starfighters and ordinance for those starfighters. The Amosarr Class is designed as a carrier and as such it is carrying ordinance for its starfighters. One T'Liss Class in each group is a carrier variant but doesn't have extensive hanger facilities and as such isn't carrying ordinance..

The Romulan center kept their pace slow and remained under cloak while the flagship released attack fighters. It appeared that the Romulan Admiral had no intention of leading from the front.

The Romulan 2nd Wing released their attack craft like the other wings but advanced much faster to enter close range with the Earth cruisers.

Little happened for the first minutes save for attempts to break through the Romulan cloaks. As the range closed, the Coalition 2nd Screening Wing veered towards the Romulan command group hoping to prompt a response, however, the Romulans chose to remain under cloak.

The Romulans use the Stealth System to represent their cloaking device. The Stealth System does not prevent the enemy from firing on them it merely provides a massive negative modifier, in this case enough of a modifier that there is practically no chance to hit. However, with a good enough sensor hits could be achieved.

Hoping to support the advance on the Romulan center, the Vulcan squadron moved into weapons range and began attempting weapons lock. One skilled Vulcan tactical officer managed to land a single photon torpedo on the flagship. Though not a death blow, it did prove that the Vulcans at least could occasionally reach out and hurt the Romulans even while cloaked. Meanwhile, the Earth flagship turned away from the Romulan line, uncomfortable with the prospect of facing them head on.

The Vulcan ships have the best sensor systems in this period and even with the negative modifier for the cloak, had a minute chance of hitting.

The situation on the Coalition left did not change much over the next few minutes, the Romulans travelling under cloak and the Earth cruisers staring impotently at the open space where they believed them to be.

The Coalition right, however, saw the first real action of the battle. The Andorian squadron swept past the Stormbirds, angling to go after the wing commander's ship. The Earth ships looses photonic and spatial torpedoes but hit little. The Romulans rapidly decloaked, fired, and recloaked in sequence keeping the Humans guessing and frustrated.

The Romulan emergence from cloak brought with it Fusion Torpedo and Plasma Cannon fire that immolated the Armstrong (Daedalus Class) and Louis Riel (Ganges Class). The Earth ships had utilized their tactic Evasive Pattern Omega but it did not save them from the Romulan weapons fire. Adding insult, 16 Nei'hrr Attack Fighters vectored on the Farragut (NV Class) and released a wave of Fusion Torpedoes, tearing the heavy cruiser apart.

Tactics are abilities assigned at the navy level such that every fleet designed in that navy inherits them and can be activated using command points. Evasive Pattern Omega allows the player to spend command points to increase the target rating of a squadron.

The Farragut was not alone in her reception of attack fighters, eight veered towards the Washington (Yorktown Class) and attempted the same trick. The United Earth flagship was pummeled by nuclear fire but survived the onslaught with only a few hull breaches.

The Andorians answered these attacks by sending 18 Yravas Fighters at the 2nd Wing Commander's ship. Eight Romulan fighters protected her, but the IRW Peligius fell to concentrated Phase Cannon fire anyway.

Starfighters are designed as "squadrons" though the term is not defined. In this case the stats are for individual fighters. A starfighter "squadron" has from one to six hits. The Romulan starfighters take one hit each while the Andorians are heavier taking two hits each.

The attack runs of the Romulans turned into a swirling brawl. In the midst of the melee, the Stormbirds and Strikebirds managed to enter a tail chase of three Ganges Class, all of which soon were destroyed amidst a storm of nuclear warheads.

The 2nd Screening Wing approached point blank range of the Romulan flagship and attempted to engage her but achieved little effect. The Romulan Admiral would likely have preferred not to be this close but was forced to engage the Earth ships. The flagship itself damaged the Valiant (NV Class) while the reserve Firebirds took down two Ganges Class and two Franklin Class at point blank range. This engagement would have dire consequences over the next few moments.

Players must contend with Danger Close targets on occasion. Every starship has a threat rating (generated by its weapons, engines, and other systems). Combined with the crew discipline of the opposing fleet, this creates a Danger Close range. When a starship has one or more Danger Close targets, it must fire on them regardless of the player's wishes. In this case, the Valiant is a Danger Close target which forced the Romulan flagship to engage it.

The Birds of Prey of the 1st Wing managed to swing around behind the Vulcans where they would experience significantly less Particle Cannon fire, and angled towards the battered Earth flagship. Fortunately, the Washington's helmsman pulled every trick they knew from the book and dodged most of the incoming fire.

The Stormbirds of the 1st Wing led the Earth Cruiser Wings on a merry chase and out maneuvered them, setting up for a run on the flagship as well.

However, this opened up an opportunity for the Coalition forces. The remainder of the 2nd Screening Wing and both the Cruiser Wings boxed in the remaining Romulan Wing Commander. Several dozen Photonic and Spatial torpedoes later, she was reduced to an expanding gas cloud.

The 1st Screening Wing continued to dance with their counterparts in the Birds of Prey, an engagement that saw no more ships lost but considerable annoyance at the Romulan hit and run tactics.

As the flanks played their games of destruction, the Romulan flagship found itself in an uncomfortable situation. Having just tangled with the Earth screening units, the IRW Adjacian was caught by the Vulcans as she was recloaking. Particle Cannons and Photon Torpedoes pummeled the desperate ship into dust leaving the Romulan fleet leaderless.

The Stealth System used to represent the cloaking device provides a negative modifier to enemy sensors. However, when the starship fired in the previous turn, its effectiveness is significantly reduced as a ship exiting and entering cloak and firing is much easier to hit.

However, at the same time, the Earth flagship found herself being chased by three Stormbirds and 12 Birds of Prey. Dozens of Fusion Torpedoes slammed into the Washington's aft until she lost antimatter containment. In a span of seconds both flagships had been destroyed. Shortly after, the senior Vulcan commander assumed command of the fleet and wrested control. The Romulans, however, were not so lucky. The Admiral was dead as were both Wing Commanders. Moments later, the Romulan fleet turned tail and ran back towards Romulus.

Fleets have a morale chart where they record losses. This chart is subdivided into thresholds and each starship and starfighter squadron has a morale value (essentially just their percentage of the cost of the fleet). At the beginning of the turn when the flag commander rolls for their command points, if the result of the roll is equal to or less than the number of thresholds completed, they lose the game. Because the Romulans had no commanders remaining, an unnamed Captain assumed command and failed the roll.

This game was very entertaining, not just because its a new project but also because it felt so different from the TNG era I normally play. The weapons ranges are shorter, the acceleration less, and the sensors not as accurate. I hope to have many more games with the collection in the future especially as more Andorian ships are in the mail and I still want to order Tellarites. I'd like to thank Adam for playing with me.

This game was played using Metaverse Second Edition available here.

My Coalition of Planets navy can be viewed here.

My Imperial Romulan Navy can be viewed here.

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  1. Very exciting, and yes it did seem different than a TNG/DS9 era fight... which is as it should be!

  2. very interesting, though one quibble. the Romulans didn't have (effective) cloaking devices at the time of the earth-romulan war. we see in ENT they had an unreliable type, and a version of the suliban type. the later earth could easily defeat using sensors* (as seen in the episode), the former didn't seem to be able to operate for more than a minute or so at a time, which would make it largely useless.
    a more period appropriate technology might be some form of ECM system to hinder their opponents, or if sneakign around is still the preference, a weaker form of stealth to represent a kind of low emissions mode. "running silent", so to speak.


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