Close Ups

I got a request on the miniatures page to get some close ups of some of my ships, specifically the custom fleet. Most of the miniatures paint well but something about the hull color of Federation ships does not agree with the camera. I will attempt to remedy this in the future.

Akira Class

Nebula Class

Galaxy Class

Miranda Class and Saratoga Subtype

Excelsior Class and Enterprise B Subtype

K'Tinga Class

Vorcha Class

K'Vort Class

Negh'Var Class

D13 Class Bird of Prey

Galor Class

Keldon Class

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Pegasus

Cylon Baseship

Custom Fast Scout

Custom Destroyer

Custom Carrier

Custom Super Carrier

Custom Light Cruiser

Custom Gun Cruiser and Missile Cruiser

Custom Heavy Cruiser

I recently received the last pieces to my next fleet, The Dominion. I just finished assembly and will start painting soon (well with exams and all soon is a relative term). This fleet, like all my others is in 1/8000 scale which means the Battleship is one huge monster (and expensive).

The Dominion Horde (1 Battleship, 4 Battlecruisers, 50 Attackships)

The Battleship


  1. Love the custom bits from Tau fire warriors. Would you like any more spare bits for them? I have a massive amount of Tau bits. lol


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