Fleets Galore!

Well over the last year I have done quite a lot of work on my starship gaming project. To catalog this I took pictures of all of my fleets.

Federation fleet - Star Trek

Klingon Fleet - Star Trek

Cardassian Fleet - Star Trek

Centauri fleet - Babylon 5

Narn Fleet - Babylon 5

Minbari Fleet - Babylon 5

Drazi Fleet - Babylon 5

Imperial Fleet - Warhammer 40K

Colonials and Cylons - Battlestar Galactica

Custom scratch built fleet

Sitting on my proverbial painting desk (military inspections don't suffer painting desks well) is a large dominion fleet which I will be completing in the next weeks.


  1. You have a proverbial desk? To which proverbs do you refer?

  2. That's quite the collection! What is the backdrop you're using?

  3. Its just my usual space sheet, a black sheet upon which I painted the stars and nebulas and such.

  4. Hey there,
    just found your blog today and I have to say I love your fleets. I'm a great fan of Spaceship wargames and wanted to know where you got those Star Trek miniatures, especially the Dominion and Keldon ones.
    I just own a small Necron fleet and I'm currently working on some Eldar Corsairs as well as Aquan and Dindrezi from Firestorm Armada. Information about where you got or how you crafted your fine ships would be very much apreciated. Unfortunately I seem to be unable to find them in the linked stores.

    With reguars

  5. I know this is a bit old, and I am sure that you have other new stuff you blog about, but I have a few questions. You have a steamrunner, an akira, and a new orleans I am looking for to add to my federation fleet myself. Do you perchance remember where you got one or if your willing to sell one of each? If you can reply here or respond to me via email at weregobbie@gmail.com, that would be great.


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