A Very Starfleet Refit

I have been collecting a 1/7000 Star Trek collection to match my other 1/7000 scale starship models for somewhere around 15 years now. When this odyssey began this was a Herculean task with not much in the way of options. Various under handed deals with Japanese manufacturers, hand sculpted miniatures, and the perusal of many a forum yielded results over the course of many years. However as the years have rolled on and the advent of reasonably priced 3D printing services has arrived I decided it was time to upgrade my collection. I started small with the order of my first 5 starfleet miniatures as they were in the most need of replacement. Some models in other fleets will be replaced as time goes on but I intend to refit Starfleet in its entirety first. For my first batch I ordered a Steamrunner, a Norway, a Saber, a Cheyenne, and a Challenger.

With these five painted I ordered my next batch which arrived in short order. Can you identify them all?


  1. Lovely paintjobs. Who makes these? I mgiht be interested in buying some :)

    Oh and the ships classes in your "to do" list are (from rear left) - Nova, Defiant, New Orleans (although the nacelles don't look correct as they basically should be over-sized Galaxy types), Odyssey (from the mmorpg STO), Akira, Springfield and finally Intrepid? (again the nacelles don't look right)


    1. You are correct sir. The New Orleans is supposed to have Galaxy type nacelles but I agree with the model makers decision to put the nacelles from the Cheyenne class on her. This brings her in line with the Cheyenne, Springfield, and presumably Challenger before her upgrade. This makes them appear to be from the same design lineage. My head canon says that the New Orleans were later upgraded with new Nacelles, a Beta model if you will. The models were all from http://www.shapeways.com/shops/halcyonyards


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