An Imperial March

As promised I am detailing the Imperial models I recently finished. As part of my recent quest to upgrade my models I recently sold my entire Star Wars collection in favor of buying new 3D printed models of a higher quality. This also has the side benefit of bringing my Star Wars models into the same scale as my Star Trek and Babylon 5 collections. Unfortunately I am unlikely to find BSG models in 1/7000 scale any time soon let alone a similar breadth of models as I currently own.

The flagship of my new models is the HIMS Peremptory, a Vindicator Class Heavy Cruiser. This makes for a decent start to the collection of medium sized vessels I intend to collect.

The consistent annoyance with painting Imperial ships is how plain and boring their colour scheme is. I am forced to put effort into whatever details I can, in this case engine glow.

The companion to the Vindicator is the HIMS Thunder, a Broadside Class Heavy Cruiser. The Broadside does not make for a good command ship as it is a specialist missile barrage ship with an incredible 40 Concussion Missile tubes.

The rest of my fleet is comprised of varying corvettes. The largest of these is the Arquitens Class Corvettes. These tough little ships are bordering on frigate size. Watchers of Star Wars Rebels will recognize the design.

I wasn't originally going to get these ships in my initial order but they are damn cheap and add interesting scenario possibilities. The IPV-1 patrol ships have no hyperdrive in the standard model and so make great system patrol vessels.

Finally we have the Gozanti Class Corvettes. These are truly tiny vessels coming awfully close to fighter size yet they can carry 4 TIE Fighters on external racks. These can also be seen in Star Wars Rebels.

In addition to these models I have a Rebel fleet that arrived in the same order that I have yet to paint. When they are done I will inevitably post about them as well.


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