Model Additions - Odds and Ends

Good day everyone, over the last week I painted up some odds and ends that have been taking up space on my desk. I am happy to have finished them although I have to admit that it didn't really make any difference to the size of the pile. At the moment I am eyeing the 13 Miranda Class Destroyers siting in a box as they have done for the last six months.

First up are two Frigates for my Imperial fleet from 40K:

My fleet utilizes a simple paint scheme that I believe suits the Imperials well; additionally since this fleet is by far not at the top of my painting list it means I can pump models out quickly when the mood strikes me.

I find that blue bows with white trim evokes a sufficiently regal feel for the Imperials.

Next I completed a gift from my friend Adam, a Regula One/Starbase for my Federation fleet.

Being a fan of Stargate I have been waiting for years to get some of the ships from the show and while I do not yet have any of the massive Goa'uld Ha'Tak Motherships I am now the proud owner of Tau'ri ships. First off was the Prometheus, the first Earth warship along with her attendant F-302s.

Along with the Prometheus I now have all six BC-304s that Earth built. These seven ships represent the entirety of the Tau'ri fleet.

Finally, I got around to painting one of the core ships of my Federation fleet.

No Starfleet task force is complete without a mighty Galaxy Class.

And of course I needed to take a picture from an angle common to the show.

Being an exquisite Shapeways print, this model was a dream to paint, except for the windows, so many windows!

That's it for this week, we will see what I get off the desk next week.


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