The Quick and The Lead

I played a rather amusing game of cowboys with my brother last night in the RMC wargaming club room. Daniel had been interested in experimenting with a card based initiative system for his cowboys. It was not that Legends of the Old West were not satisfactory as a rule set, merely that they lacked a certain hollywood flavor. With a little back and forth we combined our intellects and came up with a rather fun way of playing LoOW with cards. While working on this we barbecued some sausages on my brothers barbecue while it was a blustery -20 outside. The game proved to be quite a hoot. My personal favorite moment came at the end of the game when the He's Not Dead card came up. On this card the last knocked out hero stands up with 1 wound remaining and a new turn begins. With this card my deputy, I was lawmen, got back up not 4 inches from a group of Daniel's bandidos. The next turn saw the deputy get one of his cards before the bandidos and unload a sawed off shotgun into the group knocking out 2 of the 3 bandidos. This singular hollywood moment effectively ended the game in a fashion agreeable to both players. All in all I believe that Daniel has struck on something unique and simple that I would easily play again.

An overview of the town.

A view from the river side.

Daniel just finished this bridge and touching up this river with dull coat and flocking.

Daniel also just finished a number of civilians including these two ladies.

Another civilian.

Daniel's favorite lady for hire.

The lawmen race down the town.

The Bandidos take up positions.


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